Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - MAI 03/10 - La Presse (1)

MAI 2007

KMC Diary (rédigé plus tard) - Milk and biscuits for the kids. I left them with this and books and games and went to have a quick shower/wash my hair. M tired—sitting on my lap—I read the story of Mog (favourite children's book).
Brush teeth. To the bedroom with the kids. M pulls away and puts her head on pillow. Kisses goodnight for M. Pulled the door to as far as possible without shutting it. Silence. Dry hair. Put make-up on. Glass of wine. Restaurant.
KMC Diary (idem) -  No sleep, Gerry and I started looking through the streets around 06.00 as it was starting to get light. Nobody around. Why not? Desperate. Minutes seem like hours. Outside of the apartments masses of people asking questions about that night and for descriptions of Madeleine. Long day.
Nobody from the police introduced themselves. Nobody offered us a drink or food. All the police dressed informally and smoking. No sympathy was shown and far from inspiring.
I believe my statement would have been around 15.00 and such. They allowed G to come in with me but seated behind me. Translator present.
The police officer who took us by car to the station was the one asking the questions and afterwards typed the answers on a typewriter. Morose.
We left the police station around 7.30pm to 8pm. After 15 minutes we received a call from the PJ saying we had to go back but they didn't tell us why. We turned around and flew back at around 200 kilometres an hour. Once again frightening. Did they find her? Please God. Is she dead? Prayers. We arrived—they showed us a photo of a girl they'd forgotten to show us from the close circuit TV footage. Not M. Devastating.
Police hunt for missing girl feared abducted in Pt The Scotsman...
Pictures - Getty Images website
Maddie is still missing - Observatório do Algarve
Concern grows for missing child in Algarve - Algarve Resident
Toddler missing in Algarve - The Sun
Where's our Maddie? - The Sun
Madeleine's father in plea for help - Daily Express
Missing child sparks memories of missing Ben Needham - Daily Mail
Retreat for professional classes - Daily Mail
Toddler's parents fear Algarve abduction -
Three year-old feared abducted in Portugal - Telegraph
British girl, 3, 'abducted' from resort in Algarve - Times Online
Toddler 'abducted' during holiday - BBC
Video - Parents Pray For Missing Girl In Portugal - Channel 4
Family's despair over missing tot - ITN
Parents'distraught'over missing holiday girl - Metro
Parents' plea for daughter's return - Metro
Kidnap fears for girl, 3, at Mark Warner resort - London Evening Standard
Holiday girl kidnap fear - London Evening Standard
Little girl missing in Portugal - Leicester Mercury 
Three-year-old girl missing in Portugal - Leicester Mercury
Holiday girl, 3, snatched from bed - Liverpool Daily Post
Staff searched for missing British girl until 4.30 am - The Irish Examiner
British girl, 3, missing on Algarve holiday - Press Association
British girl missing in Portugal (update) - Press Association
Missing toddler 's parents 'checked her every half hour' - Press Association
Frantic search for missing holiday girl, 3 - Press Association
Hunt for missing holiday girl - Press Association
Portugal : Britain's sixth most popular holiday destination - Press Association
BBC Radio Scotland - Press Association (Scotland)
Parents' plea for missing daughter's return - Press Association
Holiday company has good childcare reputation - Press Association
Kidnapping concern for missing girl in Portugal - Reuters


Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star Taken as She Slept
Pictures - Exposay website + next page
Pictures - Getty Images website
"Thisis a very badly told story" - Diário de Notícias
Holiday Apartment was Easy to Attack - Diário de Noticias
Where is Maddie? - Jornal de Notícias
A personal appeal from the Gerry and Kate McCann - Algarve Resident
All is being done - Algarve Resident

Hols firm boasted of safety - The Sun
'Maddy was abducted and we have a suspect in mind' - Daily Mail
Tapas for two..
then parents' nightmare began- Guardian
Grandfather: evidence that three-year-old was snatched - Guardian
"British toddler abducted, police believe - Guardian
16 years on, family nurtures hope - Guardian Police identify Madeleine suspect - Telegraph Parents checked sleeping child every half-hour - but still she was abducted - Times
A spokesman for Mark Warner said there had been no evidence of a forced entry. However, the shutters had been slid up and the bedroom window opened after the McCanns had left. The McCanns scoured the lanes above the resort, shouting for her in the dark. FAUX
Holiday girl abducted, police say - BBC
Guilhermino Encarnação, director of the judicial police in the Faro region, said officers are working on the assumption she is being held between 3km and 5km (1.8 and 3.1 miles) from the resort.  Responding to criticism that the police had been slow to respond, Mr Encarnação said officers arrived at the scene 10 minutes after being alerted to the disappearance. 25 minutes.
Madeleine, who turns four next Friday, was last seen by her father at about 21h00 local time. When Mrs McCann went to check on her about an hour later, she found the bedroom's outside shutter and window had been opened and her daughter missing. Resort staff and guests helped the McCanns search the complex grounds into Friday morning and police were notified. Les MC n'ont pas cherché.
Mr McCann's sister Philomena, criticised the Portuguese police for initially "playing down" their response to the disappearance. She has been in phone contact with her brother. C'est donc lui la source de ces opinions négatives. Speaking from her home in Glasgow, she said: "He thinks it's just too little, too late. "It was hours before the local police turned up FAUX  qnd we're talking two bobbies that totally downplayed the incident and said that Maddie had maybe just wandered off." The Tweedle ones.
The Mayor of Lagos, Julio Barraso, defended the police from accusations that they had been too slow to act.
Anguish of missing girl's parents - BBC
Volunteers join Madeleine search - BBC

approximately 800 of them have helped comb an area between 3-5km from the resort alongside teams of police officers and firefighters, as well as members of the Red Cross.
We have been looking in the bins, we've been looking on the pathways, says Dave Shelton 38 Manchester-born : "I came here first on Friday morning, I speak a little bit of Portuguese and was helping police knock on the doors of all the apartments. 
The family is said to have chosen the resort because of its childcare facilities. But with the restaurant they were dining in within the same complex and within sight of their apartment, they chose not take advantage of these on Thursday night, instead deciding to check in on their children periodically, resort manager John Hill confirmed. 
Papers ponder 'holiday abduction' - BBC
The Daily Mail highlights the unlikelihood of such an incident at the retreat for the professional classes. The Express and the Sun both wonder why Madeleine's parents chose not to use the creche and babysitting facilities.
Police Search For Missing Toddler - CBBC (Children's BBC)
British tot was abducted, police say - ITN
Madeleine’s father in plea for help - Metro
Suspect is sought in search for girl - Leicester Mercury 
Guilhermino Encarnação said detectives have a suspect in mind, but they refused to reveal any details for fear of endangering Madeleine's life. He said police were hopeful she was still alive and believe she is still in Portugal. 
Mr Healy's sister, Nora, said They don't feel they are getting much help from the Portuguese authorities. It's a terrible time.
The McCanns made sure the toddler, who turns four next week, and her two-year-old twin brother and sister, Sean and Amelie, were sound asleep, and that their apartment was locked up. FAUX But between their checks at 9.30pm and 10pm the apartment was broken into through a window and Madeleine was taken, according to the young girl's aunt, Trish Cameron.
Search goes on for girl feared snatched on holiday - Liverpool Daily Post
Resort offered nanny service - Liverpool Daily Post
Frantic hunt as British girl feared abducted - Yorkshire Post 
She was last seen by her father Gerry sleeping soundly at about 9pm on Thursday at the Ocean Club resort in the seaside village of Praia da Luz (environ 1000 habitants) in the south-western Algarve. But at 10pm when her mother Kate went to check on the children, she found the shutter pushed up, the bedroom window open and her daughter – described as "happy-go-lucky" – gone. 
The couple for whom parent's worst nightmare became a reality - Yorkshire Post
Lost girl hunt has chilling echoes of Ben - Yorkshire Post
Tracker dogs join hunt for Madeleine - Yorkshire Evening Post
Fears For Holiday Girl Abducted From Her Bed - The Scotsman
Police seal off resort in hunt for missing Madeleine - The Scotsman
Please Let Maddie Come Home to Us - Daily Record
Holidaymakers tell of late-night search for Madeleine - 

Les Moyses disent que, parmi les chercheurs, il y avait des policiers en civil, appelés en renfort. Ils disent que PDL est un paradis.  
Portuguese police: 'Evidence indicates Madeleine was kidnapped' - Irish Examiner 
Le gouverneur civil de l'Algarve Antonio Pina décrit les recherches de quelque 150 policiers pour retrouver l'enfant disparue, tandis que Guilhermino Encarnação déclare détenir des preuves d'enlèvement.
Police scour Portuguese resort for missing toddler Madeleine - Irish Examiner
Police Fear British Girl Was Abducted - Irish Examiner
Missing Madeleine's Father Makes Plea For Help - Irish Examiner
Missing UK Girl Kidnapped in Portugal: Police - Reuters
British girl, 3, ‘snatched in Portugal - Gulf Times
'Missing UK girl kidnapped in Portugal' - IOL

Papers ponder 'holiday abduction'. BBC
Volunteers join Madeleine search. BBC
Madeleine’s father in plea for help. Metro
Holidaymakers tell of late-night search for Madel...
Mum Went to Check on Kids...and Ran Out Screaming. The Mirror
Daily Express & Daily Star Holiday Girl 3 Taken As She Slept
British girl, 3, ‘snatched in Portugal. Gulf Times 
Holiday Apartment was Easy to Attack. DdN 
Where is Maddie? Jornal de Notícias 05-05-07 
Les vacanciers cherchent. L'idée d'enlèvement s'installe pour durer.

Knock Broke Quiet Night: New Lead in Hunt for...
New Lead in Hunt for Snatched Holiday Tot. The People 
Chasse aux pédophiles.
Sunday Express & Daily Star Race to Find Lair of the Maddy Suspect
Traquer le monstre dans sa tannière.
Editorial DN: A Missing Girl is the Parents’ Resp... 
Le retard de la réaction policière est un mystère, comme l'est le fait que des médecins laissent seuls leurs très petits enfants.
A Village Waiting for Divine Help. D de Notícias 06-05-07 
On cherche le repaire du prédateur.

We got out of that 'unsafe' apartment
On trouve toujours quelqu'un qui a a refusé d'habiter un appartement "exposé" et quelqu'un qui ne se voit pas en vacances entouré de murailles de protection. 
Lovely Maddy spent Easter in Donegal. Donegal Demo
Mother prays for girl's safe return. Press Assoc
Portuguese community feels shock over abduction
Daily Express & Daily Star  Please Don't Stop Praying for My Maddy
Pray for My Madeleine, Begs Mum. Daily Record
World briefs: Brit girl, 3, kidnapped. NY D. News 
Confusion over Madeleine 'suspect'. Bucks Herald 
Portugal prays for missing toddler as police....
Criminologist Barra da Costa believes that Maddie...Lusa  
La sécurité de l'appartement est mise en cause. La mère est en prière. Barra da Costa parle d'enlèvement prémédité, MMC pouvant connaître le ravisseur (Brit).

Mum recalls snatch ordeal. Teesside Evening Gazette
Papers attack Madeleine inquiry. BBC
Village holds vigil for McCanns. BBC
Daily Rxpress & Daily Star Please Do Not Hurt Maddy
Les Red Tops attaquent l'enquête portugaise. Les habitants de Rothley organisent une cérémonies avec rubans et bougies.

[Police criticised] NI devolution celebrated in...
Toddler's family say criticism 'unhelpful' RTÉ New
La colère monte dans les médias contre l'inexpérience de la PJ (mais en 17 ans il n'y a pas eu un seul enlèvement en Algarve) et l'absence d'indices.
Daily Express & Daily Star  Was my Maddy Snatched to Order ?
Ronaldo's TV Plea Over Madeleine  D. Record 
Madeleine's parents 'had left her alone before...
Madeleine police hit back after criticism. Guardian 
Chaos and prayers in the desperate search for... 
Deborah Orr: A singular horror, a media frenzy....09-05-07
Ronaldo lance appel. La PJ, critiquée, fait part de centaines de pistes suivies. Chaos et prières. Les médias se plaignent de l'absence de portrait-robot d'un suspect possible, de ne pas savoir comment était habillée MMC, si l'appartement était vraiment fermé à clef, si la fenêtre était ouverte, ils s'indignent du manque de checkpoint rapide à la frontière avec l'Espagne (Les Brits n'étant pas dans Schengen ont du mal à se représenter ce que sont les frontières internes). La police UK déclare que la scène du crime est inexploitable sans se demander pourquoi.
[Search frustrations] Blair's departure dominates...
La presse uk qualifie la recherche de "pagaille et ratage". The Sun annonce qu'une liste de 130 pédophiles UK a été remise à la PJ qui, selon le Times, aurait été enlevée sur commande.
Madeleine uncle speaks of ordeal. BBC
£1m reward in hunt for Maddie. Metro
Stephen Winyard, owner of a Scottish health spa called Stobo Castle, made the offer earlier this week through The Times. Tout le monde espère et prie.
Four fresh leads in hunt for Maddie. Metro 
Outre sur la police sans expérience et sans écoute,  l'acrimonie pleut sur le Portugal dépourvu de fichier "prédateurs sexuels" qui fait de suit un aimant pour la pédophilie "from Britain and Europe" (remarquer qu'il n'est pas dit "from the rest of Europe"...)
Police maintain search for Madeleine. Euro Weekly
Daily Express & Daily Star  Maddy had been Left Alone Before
Criticising Portuguese system will not help find...
Les piques médiatiques contre l'enquête portugaise met un  journaliste du Scotsman mal à l'aise. Il explique ce phénomène par la saturation : exigence de nouvelles 24/24 et quasi-absence de développement. Les enquêteurs ayant refusé de pourvoir les journalistes en suspects, indices, etc. deviennent des ennemis naturels.

On s'attendrait à ce que les rédactions prennent en considération le système judiciaire portugais, en particulier le secret de l'instruction selon lequel, une fois qu'une enquête criminelle en cours, aucun détail "sensible" n'est révélé à la presse afin de protéger l'intégrité d'un éventuel jugement futur.
En Grande-Bretagne, pays de Common Law, la police informe officiellement les médias par des communiqués et lors de conférences de presse. Mais, moyennant finance certains journalistes obtiennent officieusement des informations grâce à des contacts. Dans la plupart des cas il s'agit d'informations auxquelles le public ne devrait pas avoir accès. Si un individu est arrêté par la police, seul un nombre limité de personnes le sauront et il est peu probable que le suspect cherchera à ébruiter l'affaire. Le plus souvent le journaliste a été informé par quelqu'un oeuvrant au sein de la police.
Qui peut dire que le système judiciaire portugaise, le plus courant en Europe, est moins bon que la Common Law ? Il est peut-être incompatible avec le quatrième pouvoir, mais cela l'en rend-il pour autant sans pertinence ? Les enquêteurs ne sont-ils pas par définition ceux qui doivent mener l'enquête ? Si les médias les épient, cherchent à obtenir des informations en questionnant les témoins ou en se rendant clandestinement sur la scène de crime, n'enfreignent-ils pas la loi ? Il y a une marge de manoeuvre et il est possible d'informer sans mettre des bâtons dans les roues de l'enquête, c'est une question de doigté.
Très bon article, pour une fois.
No stone unturned in the search for missing Madel...
Madeleine Maddy McCann Spotted On Video With...
Madeleine's parents cling to hope of safe return...
David Hill: Speed is everything - and the police...10-05-07 
Promesse de récompense d'1 million de livres. MMC avait été laissée seule avant. Le slogan "Remuer terre et ciel" est lancé.

Madeleine party plans put on hold. BBC 
In pictures: Search for Madeleine. BBC
Opinion: All parents are fallible'. Wales Online
On trouve toutes sortes d'excuses aux malheureux MC ; they left their children alone, ironically, because they didn’t trust a stranger to care for them. They preferred to check on them themselves every 30 minutes.
In Pictures: Vigil for Madeleine. BBC
Beckham urges help in missing girl case Assoc Press
Becks makes TV appeal for Madeleine. Metro
Time for our understanding. Liverpool Echo 
We all take risks with our kids... Liverpool Echo
L'opinion publique commence à blâmer les parents qui ont aissée seule MMC qu'on a enlevée. Les médias interrogent les proches disent que ce sont de bons parents, etc.
Daily Express & Daily Star Maddy's Still Missing but Police Call Off the Search
If-Onlys Won't Help to Bring Maddie Home D Record 
On pourrait aussi blâmer la police qui, si elle avait réagi plus vite, si elle avait fait circuler des photographies, s'ils avaient publié une description des vêtements de MMC, aurait peut-être arrêté le ravisseur.
Tears and prayers at vigil for missing Madeleine 
Businessman offers million pound reward for Made..
CCTV of suspects in car boosts search for....
Madeleine's father vows to leave 'no stone unturned'
Parents and Resort Employees Under Suspicion 11-05-07
Beckham lance appel. Homicie, viol, enlèvement ? Les employés de l'OC soupçonnent l'implication des parents. Des manants ? Quel culot !

Opinion: Hoping and praying for Madeleine return
[Madeleine] Brown's 'new look' grabs papers. BBC
The Independent has the headline: "A stolen child, a missed birthday, a baffling mystery". The Sun urges its readers to wear yellow clothing today to show their support for her family.And in the Express, it is the cruellest of days for Madeleine's parents. The paper's report is accompanied by the headline: "The saddest birthday".
Searchers feel for Madeleine hunt. BBC
In pictures: Abducted Madeleine. BBC
Bikers join search for missing girl. Metro 
£1.5m reward for Madeleine return.. Metro
A new reward of £1.5 million has been offered by a group of business figures (dont Sir Richard Branson et Sir Philip Green), celebrities and a national newspaper for information leading to the safe return of missing Madeleine McCann. Donc il y a maintenant 2,5 millions de livres en promesse de don. 
Daily Express & Daily Star  Maddy Police Turned Down £1m Reward
Haunted. Daily Record 
Scotland Prays for Madeleine. Glasgow Herald 
PJ Follows Lead of New Suspects in Maddy Case DN
La PJ traque 2 nouveaux suspects dont l'un correspond au signalement de Tannerman.
Raising children is a near-miss business 
Big mother is watching you. Daily Telegraph 
La tendance est de tout superviser grâce à la technologie, mais this use of technology is disproportionate to the actual risk. It could make children unnecessarily anxious and it almost encourages them to be afraid of any adult when the risk of 'stranger danger' is actually relatively low.'
Simon Heffer on Saturday: We're just too soft on...
Le monde est plein de pédophiles et les MC sont un modèle de bravoure.
Churchgoers show support at vigil of hope 12-05-07 
Promesse de récompense de 1 million et demi.  Nouveaux suspects. Prières et espoir.

Parents of missing girl appeal for help on her.....
‘We won’t return without Maddy’. Metro
Sunday Express & Daily Star  Was a Kidnap Gang Waiting for Maddy ?
How You Can Add to the Reward. News of the World 
Tears, applause at church vigil for Maddie. The Age 
Look into Her Eyes. Sunday Mail
Craignant que le ravisseur n'ait changé l'apparence de MMC, la famille va lancer un appel vidéo en utilisant le hit de Bryan Adams, Look into my eyes.
That was the Week that Was... Sunday Telegraph 
We look forward to Maddy's return, says her father 
Maddie is the second child to be abducted from the..13-05-07 
Info complètement erronée, l'autre enfant devant être le petit Bob Needham disparu en Grèce, mais sans aucun lien avec Mark Warner.
Gang de pédophiles ? Comment faire un don. Le colobome "regarder dans ses yeux".

David Beckham, J.K. Rowling Reach Out to Find Miss..

Photos drive in search for Madeleine. Wales Online
Crimestoppers Issue Poster Appeal for Missing M...
Papers worried by Madeleine search. BBC
Daily Express & Daily Star  Sedated with Chloroform, Disguised by Abductor
Portuguese Praying With Mother McCann For Safe...
NI prayers for missing Madeleine. BBC 
World Briefs: Pilgrims pray for girl. NY Daily News 
How effective are rewards?. BBC 

Les récompenses offertes servent-elles à quelque chose ?
L'idée derrière les récompenses est qu'elles attirent l'attention des gens et alimentent leur intérêt pour les grandes enquêtes policières comme l'affaire Madeleine McCann, selon l'organisme de charité indépendant Crimestoppers.
Dans de nombreux cas, des offres de récompenses sont faites à travers des associations caritatives dotées de numéros de téléphones internationaux .
Il est difficile de quantifier l'intérêt des récompenses, explique Dave Cording, directeur des opérations chez Crimestoppers. Moins de 3% des récompenses offertes par l'organisme de bienfaisance sont payés chaque année, mais cela s'explique parce que la plupart des gens ne réclament rien et non pas parce que l'information qu'ils donnent est inutile. Les récompenses fonctionnent, mais au Royaume-Uni elles ne sont pas la force qui pousse à donner une information. En revanche, beaucoup d'Américains réclament des récompenses. Je pense que c'est une chose culturelle et les gens au Royaume-Uni s'y refusent quand ils sentent qu'une injustice a été commise.
La psychologie derrière les récompenses repose en grande partie sur la rupture du silence des gens détenant des informations qui savent qu'ils sont en danger s'ils vont à la police, affirme le professeur de criminologie Betsy Stanko. Souvent, c'est un membre de la famille, un ami ou un associé d'affaires, quelqu'un qui est proche de la personne qui a commis le crime. Cette proximité signifie souvent qu'une personne craint d'être blessée si elle parle à la police. Les récompenses visent à obtenir d'elle les informations.
Mais, dans certains cas, les récompenses entravent les enquêtes, le temps de la police étant perdu à recueillir des témoignages de gens plus intéressés par la récompense que par la vérité.
Sur les 350 appels que Crimestoppers a reçus jusqu'à présent concernant l'affaire McCann, seuls 64 ont été transmis à la police.
Le revers du système est qu'une récompense peut encourager les appels hurluberlus, selon M. Cording. "Mais dans notre expérience, la pépite d'or qui peut aider à résoudre un crime est souvent mélangée à eux.
Search for girl focuses on Portugal villa, reports..
CHRONOLOGY-The disappearance of Madeleine McCann 
Reward for Madeleine rises to £2.6m as police...14-05-07 
Promesse de récompense de 2,6 millions de livres. Sédatée au chloroforme ? Première occurence de sédation. Les récompenses sont-elles utiles ? 

"Kidnapped Girl's Family Goes After Spain"
Break in Case? Portugal Police ID Suspect in...
Maddie fund gets Teesside support. Teesside Gazette
Candles of hope lit for Maddie. Shields Gazette
Kidnapping stuns dad's Kiwi mates. NZ Herald
Papers mull Madeleine development. BBC
Daily Express & Daily Star  Maddy Police Quiz Briton
Portuguese police release suspect in missing girl...
Timeline: Madeleine McCann case. The Guardian 
He helped McCanns 'and joked of being Nb1 suspect' 
Police Seize Suspect's Computers, Cell Phones in...
J.K. Rowling, Simon Cowell Offer Rewards For Madel..
Madeleine McCann: New Twist Connects Maddy To...
Police release suspect in Madeleine disappearance 
Appeal fund set up for effort to find missing M....
Neighbour questioned in Madeleine hunt. Guardian 
Robert Murat Daughter Looked 'Just Like' Madeleine..
Madeleine: Briton formally classed as suspect 
Leading article: Wild theories and a warped sense...15-05-07 
Le Britannique Robert M arrêté et relâché mais formellement suspect. Mise sur pied d'un Fonds.

We have power to protect children
Press focus on Madeleine suspect. BBC
Madeleine fighting fund launched. BBC
Increased demand for tag device. BBC
Video of Madeleine to be shown at UEFA Cup final 
Relatives launch ‘Madeleine fund’. Metro
Daily Express & Daily Star Maddy Suspect Just Behaved Like Huntley
Maddie probe 'ruined my life'. The Age 
Three questioned over Madeleine 
Police Spend 3rd Day Searching Home of Suspect...
Madeleine McCann Case: Tips From Reporters....16-05-07 
Lancement d'un fonds de combat. RM comparé à Huntley (Soham murders). 

Gordon Brown gives 'moral support' to McCanns
Suspect in Madeleine McCann Disappearance 'Feels...
Vigil held for missing Madeleine. BBC
The rule of Secrecy of Justice explained
'You feel pain but try to keep focused'. BBC
Maddy website gets 5m hits. Metro 
The malevolent and the benevolent Euro Weekly News
British man questioned in Madeleine McCann case
Daily Express & Daily Star  Russian is Quizzed over Porn
Missing girl's family lobbies in Britain. AP 
Madeleine: A face in the crowd. The Scotsman 
Russian Released After Questioning About Missing...
Madeleine police probe IT expert. Horncastle News 
'I Know Nothing About Missing Madeleine'. Fox News 
Madeleine police 'not struggling'. BBC 
Madeleine McCann Report: 2nd Suspect Arrested In...
Madeleine suspect returns home as search fund....17-05-07 
Appui moral de Gordon Brown. Le secret de justice expliqué. Les célébrités se battent pour contribuer financièrement.

Proof of Life: Seven Lessons on How Families Can...
Lots of news - but we're just worried about M...
Priest’s car smashed up after service for Maddie
Secret room found under suspect's villa 
Russian Man Questioned In Missing Madeleine Mystery 
Madeleine search to extend across Europe 
Tireless PR keeps Madeleine in mind. The Scotsman 
McCanns still hope to find Madeleine. Reuters 
Midnight phone call mystery in Madeleine investig...
Madeleine McCann Suspect Branded Sexual Predator...
Madeleine McCann Suspect Robert Murat Wanted Car...
Finding Madeleine: the mission that drives her...18-05-07
Les projecteurs sont sur RM, sa villa, ses amis.  

MADDIE 'IN MOROCCO' Blonde tot in pyjamas sight...
Worldwide Focus on Missing Girl. ABC News
Rex Features - Photoshoot of Gerry & Kate McCann...
Madeleine still making headlines. BBC
Madeleine McCann Family Believes Madeleine...
Fans watch missing Madeleine video. Metro 
Madeleine search in Britain denied. Metro 
To Greece – via Milan. By Liverpool Echo
Another tragic victory for the culture of fear...
Madeleine suspect 'phoned Russian'. The Scotsman 
Madeleine McCann suspect queried over car rental 
Find Madeleine. Portugal News 
Madeleine McCann Video Will Be Seen By Billions...
Madeleine McCann Suspect Robert Murat: Mystery...19-05-07
À défaut d'arrestation, les médias sont devenus l'histoire : l'apparence, la taille et l'humeur du village médiatique surgi à PDL. Plus de couverture que pour la démission de Tony Blair, les élections en Écosse, la guerre en Iraq, l'inquiétant changement climatique et la crise imminente à Gaza.

Big Weekend - what the celebrities said
Opinion: Maddy: Trial by media shames country
Sunday Express & Daily Star Maddy Suspect Refuses Lie Test
Gerry & Kate McCann's Diary: 11.30pm: Bed & Pray...
Pray for Madeleine, says Prince. The Scotsman 
McCanns may hire private detectives. The Times 
Madeleine search in Britain denied Mid-Sussex Today 
McCann family strength in papers. BBC 20-05-07   

Guide to life. Sunday Sun
Joining search to find Maddie. Shields Gazette
[Minute's silence] Wi-fi & obesity fears in papers
Can YOUR photo trace Maddie?. Metro
Silent tribute for Maddy’s family. Metro
Daily Express & Daily Star We'll Scour the Globe For Our Maddy
Maddie: Dad Flies Home. Daily Record 
Maddy police ignored vital CCTV. Daily Telegraph 
How we keep going: Madeleine's parents' diary of...
Madeleine McCann Report: Parents Of Madeleine:....
Father's flying visit to UK as campaign for Madel...
Reporting The Hunt For Madeleine: Media and police..21-05-07

Missing Madeleine parents reunited. Metro 
Daily Express & Daily Star Maddy Suspect PR Deal
Madeleine suspect collapses. Rugby Review 
Madeleine's father ties a ribbon. Mid-Sussex Today 
Missing Madeleine parents reunited. Horncastle News 
Parents of missing UK girl start campaign to distribute her picture...
Media coverage of MMC prompts doubts 800 Kids Missing since M disappeared
Madeleine McCann Sightings: Morocco, North Wales...
Police are 'losing hope' of finding missing tod....22-05-07

Maddie posters handed out at airport. Sunday Sun
How you could help to track a snatched child
Hope symbol. Wales Online
Former Bury landlady co-ordinates Madeleine vigil
Leaflet campaign to try to find Madeleine
The Invisible Madeleines. Tamil Guardian
EastEnders kidnap plot scrapped. BBC
Blues fan goes Red for a day. Liverpool Echo Madeleine’s parents in world travel vow Mum's ribbons of hope for missing Maddie 
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