Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

10 - DÉC - Wikileaks - câbles diplom. 2007


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La déclaration des MC aux médias portugais

15 December 2010

The speculation that has been published about our daughter's disappearance as referred to on WikiLeaks forces us to take the following position:

WikiLeaks website has published a summary of an alleged telegram exchanged between the USA and UK Ambassadors. This summary does not contain any new or relevant facts that will lead us to the discovery of what happened to our daughter.

If the mentioned telegram does exist, its contents only tell that the British Police developed in September 2007 (we believe that to be the date of the correspondence exchange) information regarding our responsibility in the disappearance of our daughter.

We recall that on that date the team coordinated by Gonçalo Amaral was still investigating the case, having produced a report incriminating both of us. That report was not supported by evidence that validated his allegations so due to the absence of any incriminating evidence about us, the case was filed after eight months of further investigation.

Presumably, if any correspondence summarized by WikiLeaks does exist, it is based on the circumstances that arose in the investigation at that time, since we do not know that there has been any further investigation besides the one that we all know about – and in the process there isn't any information to the contrary.

Once again, the ex-inspector Gonçalo Amaral has seized the opening given by the Portuguese media for his thesis, producing deeply hurtful insinuations and invocating the investigations defects. Defects on an investigation that he coordinated and didn't achieve any useful results for our daughter.

These speculations are periodically brought to public opinion by that former employee of the PJ, accompanied by threats to reopen the case on his own initiative.

When he claims publicly that he knows what needs to be done on the investigation and if "what needs to be done" is the investigation of facts, documents, data or real and concrete information that can lead to Madeleine's whereabouts, discovery or even the reason for her disappearance, he has the obligation to present it to the process to reopen the investigation, in which we are most interested.
We are aware that Madeleine's disappearance is an inexhaustible source of enrichment to Gonçalo Amaral by means of false accusations, deeply offensive and harmful to the investigation itself, so we appeal to journalists' critical sense to disentangle what is journalistic information and what is speculation and a dubious means to an easy profit.

No politics, no private interest can override the search for the truth

Francisco Moita Flores - 19.12.2010  - Correio da Manhã
translated by Astro

WikiLeaks has drilled through the USA's security system and has been publishing thousands of documents. One of them tells us what we already knew. The English ambassador reported that the English police had obtained evidence that Maddie's parents were involved in the death and disappearance of their daughter and that, for State reasons, that fact had been simply hidden from the Portuguese Justice.
The couple's spokesman did not deny it. He merely stated that this issue was history. It didn't matter. When one is protected, such arrogance is permitted. Nonetheless, it is also true that protection by the powerful serves the powerful but will never be able to hide the truth, which, as we all know, always surfaces.

And the truth is here again. Vigorous, without mercy, without pity for those who have always wanted to see a moral end to this story. From pitiful journalists who have refused to publish any other thesis apart from the truth that was sold and produced before time: the little girl was abducted, end of. Everything else was silliness and bad taste by the Portuguese police and those who have always understood how the famous adbuction was impossible. And that silliness was accepted by the Public Ministry, that ordered the process to be shelved, The investigation interrupted, the couple under protection, the formal, judicial truth hacked off without scruples. WikiLeaks tells us that the whole thing was well secured by the English government after all, and who knows where the evidence is being kept.

The truth is that the criminal investigation cannot live on prejudice. To demonstrate the nexus of causality between the victim and the perpetrator is, under any circumstance, the sole motivation that presides over police work. There is no politics, there is no private interest or of any other kind that can override the search for the truth. This works in Portugal. And every year parents kill children and children kill parents. Nevertheless, they are not protected by any specific government, neither in Portugal nor in any other country. Therefore, they are subject to the superior decision of the courts.

That was not the case of the unfortunate English child, whose disappearance remains unsolved due to the protection that surrounded her dear parents, who, by the way, have always been treated in an excellent way in Portugal, regardless of the suspicions that hung over them. From the media campaigns until the English provocation that insulted Portugal in the name of the parents' dignity. How much did that campaign cost? Maybe there is another WikiLeaks cable that informs us about the dirt concerning this subject, that we still have to learn.